Howson Fleet

Located at 320 Blyth Road, on the edge of Blyth. The Howson Fleet consists of two separate Trucking Companies, Howson Transportation and agriEXCEL.

Howson Transportation consists of 12 Power Units, 10 Bulk Flour Tankers, and 2 Vans. Having its own fleet of Bulk Flour Tankers and Vans allows for quick and safe service for Howson Mills customers. It also gives full control over Quality Control giving Customers of Howson Mills the assurance their product is being transported in the best possible manner.

agriEXCEL consists of 6 Power Units and 6 Grain Trailers. agriEXCEL transports all the Durum Wheat from terminals to Howson Mills. They also provide a trucking service hauling local grain for other grain companies in Southwestern Ontario.

Howson Truck