Howson Mills

The Howson Flour Mill is a fifth generation family owned flour mill, with a tradition of providing quality products and superior service, dating back to 1875. Years of commitment and investment have seen the company develop from a small stone mill to their current Durum Mill using the latest State-of-the-art Technology.

Since 1971 we have specialized in milling Canadian Western Amber Durum wheat. Our products are used in the production of pasta, specialty breads, flat breads, whole wheat wraps and couscous.

Our products include:

  • Durum Semolina
  • Durum Whole Grain Semolina
  • Durum Whole Wheat Semolina
  • Durum 1st Clear Flour

These products are available with a range of packaging options for bagged and bulk delivery. Howson & Howson Limited remains firm on their desire to be an industry leader with the development of new products to meet the changing needs of the consumer. For further information on how we can meet
your needs for Durum products please contact us.

In an effort to sustain our high standards, Howson & Howson Limited has a maintained a BRC accreditation (British Retail Consortium), the Global Standard for Food Safety.

Our Vision

Howson & Howson Limited's primary objective is to manufacture a safe product of consistent quality that meets or exceeds our customer expectations. We shall conform in every respect to the applicable provisions of the Canadian and United States of America, Food and Drug Regulations. Material and workmanship shall be of good quality and product prepared in accordance with the good manufacturing practices, under sanitary conditions to minimize the possibility of contamination during
product manufacturing.